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Dear mom and dad

Dear mom and dad,

I am writing to explain what I will provide for your child as I support the values and teachings you instill at home.  In a day and age when so many are searching for answers during tough times, I provide opportunities for young people to learn how to persevere and triumph when presented with unforeseen obstacles.  I challenge them, little by little, adding a higher degree of difficulty as they grow and learn to push past limits that they, or others have set.  I help them realize they are stronger than they ever thought possible.  Included in their life’s lessons are getting knocked down and learning how to rise and stand strong.  Each chance they get to rise fosters growth and a tangible belief in their abilities.  They will come to know that they are more capable of thinking for themselves and problem solving when they learn to believe in and trust in themselves.  Every day, each child will be given opportunities to believe in their own person because of what they accomplish, not what they are told.

One of my greatest strengths is to help young people realize they can do anything for which they are willing to work.  The fact of the matter is, no one can be anything they want just by wanting it.  We can become anything we are willing to make sacrifices for, work tirelessly for and for which we make positive choices.   I also help them understand how to become part of a team, an entity that is bigger than their own person.     

No matter what our young people choose to do when they enter the adult world, they will have to work cooperatively with others.  Each person takes care of their responsibilities in order for the group, the team, to experience success.  Realizing others are counting on you provides a driving force and helps one forge on no matter the circumstance.  Young people will learn it is tougher to surrender when you work for others.  This provides a basis of learning to never give up on the team as well as to never give up on one self.  I facilitate this learning on a daily basis in an infinite amount of situations.  I also provide each young person the chance to become a better overall person in terms of how to treat others, their personal health and in other aspects of life.

On a daily basis the young people must go through rigorous exercise and strenuous activities while learning proper physical and mental techniques.  This not only teaches them the importance of exercise and how it affects their health, it also helps them to become problem solvers as they are asked to think when they are physically stressed.  This is not an easy task and presents to them that being determined and pushing on to give their all will help them improve in all they do.  

The translation of what I teach to what one might term “real life” is a one to one correlation.  One must push on when life gets difficult.  One must learn to work and collaborate with their families, their neighbors, their colleagues, their teammates etc.  Positive collaboration works both ways as each of us must learn to trust others in order that we can care for our responsibilities.  We too must be trusted in order for others to care for their responsibilities.  We all must learn to make sacrifices today for that which we hope to achieve tomorrow.   All the necessary lessons of which you can think, I teach daily. That is my sole, soul, purpose.

Only a very select few will make a living with me.  Millions and millions, in fact, all of those who join me, will learn the lessons of life necessary to be successful people in our world.  I hope you choose to allow your child to join me.  I promise to teach what I have stated and beyond.  Trust in me as I will love and care for your child daily by helping them grow and learn to trust in themselves, that hard work is the path to success and that perseverance and determination lead to becoming a better person who is able to have choices as they have prepared themselves to do so.