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QBs, Parents and Coaches Thoughts

Dear Popps,

I wanted to write and tell you that Anthony had good workouts with you during the off season.  Out of all the camp instructors he has met over the years, I think you give him the best fundamental teaching for the quarterback position.  Anthony enjoys your encouragement, your focus on being good to your family and putting school before football.  You encourage Anthony to do his best and be a leader.
We are in the middle of our season now and I have noticed not only improvement in his fundamentals but also his leadership skills from last season.   He is able to carry his team and provide leadership a quarterback needs to give their team.  We are 3-1 so far and think we have a good chance of making the playoffs.  We owe the success Anthony has to the way you teach.   When other parents ask, I strongly suggest your name and recommend their kids workout with you.  We are looking forward to the next off season workouts and further development.
Sincerley Anthonys Romphfs dad, Sean


The coaching session with Andrew and Frank worked out very well this past Saturday. Andrew took his time to first observe and then to communicate and demonstrate the basic throwing technique that Frank needed to correct his form. Andrew did a great job teaching the basic of the throwing motion itself along with how to properly incorporate body and foot motions/positions into each throw for best results.

Andrew's patience with Frank made all the difference in the world as he was determined to take as long as needed until Frank connected the feel of the throw to the technique he was teaching him. Once Frank got it, it was much easier for him to repeat the motion and to feel when he wasn't using the proper form. He made great progress in correcting his form in a very short period of time.

Frank was very comfortable with Andrew which made the learning much more effective and is looking forward to his next session.

Thanks for getting Frank and Andrew together Rich. It is greatly appreciated.

Frank Potenza - Father of Frank Potenza, Rochester Redskins

Hey Coach Popp,


After all of this stress of the college application process, and my recent admission to Notre Dame, I wanted to thank you for everything.  You have been a fantastic mentor throughout my high school year and have made me the man I am today.  You taught me a fantastic work ethic, and a drive that has allowed me to push through the stresses of life.  So again thank you, and I will make sure to stay in connect when I'm in South Bend!


Let me know if I can help you tutor your younger students, I would love to pass on some of the things you taught me.


Tyler Baron - Ann Arbor Pioneer QB and graduate

Coach Popp is one of the most respected - if not thee most respected - quarterback coach in the business today.  I have played and coached football since 1977,  at various levels throughout my life and my son has been training with Coach Popp for 2 years and running.  Without equivocation, I can say that his approach to mentoring and tutoring quarterbacks - no matter their age, experience or skill set - is like no other that I have ever seen.  Coach Popp has the uncanny ability to break down, to an age appropriate level, the most current and technically sound techniques and methods of preparing quarterbacks to compete at the next level.  He is the ultimate teacher and motivator and has a sincere interest in every one of his athletes and their families.  Coach Popp pushes his athletes to compete at a high level of excellence, but does so in an environment that fosters the pure joy and abandonment of the game.  He takes the spirit of the game and infuses it in his athletes and constantly stresses that the byproduct of your hard work isnt as important as what you learned about yourself along the way. 

Coach Popp's program is perfect for athletes who have a positive attitude, hard work ethic and a passion for excelling in football - he WILL make you a better quarterback.

John Tracy, Parent of Johnny Tracy and Lakes Area Hawks Varsity Head Coach

Dear Coach Popp and Staff,

 A very special THANKS to all of you for your passion and willingness to invest your lives into others! It truly has been a blessing having the opportunity to have my son participate in your QB camps the past several years. You have had a profound impact upon him in many ways, both skills and technical QB abilities, yet more importantly to me..you have helped him to understand the call to being a leader for life in a much bigger perspective. You have a tremendous gift and talent for teaching and developing necessary skills while imparting the importance of integrity, character and respect. As a father of five, it is very important to me that my children find mentors in life that will come alongside them to challenge and encourage them in the right direction. Im grateful you are one of those individuals who is willing to invest and commit to all the youth that you work with. Ive enjoyed watching Frankie, Andrew, Cheyne and David grow as they have come alongside you in the pursuit of creating Leaders for Life! They too have had a great influence on my son as they live out all that you teach to your students. I look forward to having my two younger sons participate in your camps in the years to come, whether they decide to play quarterback or not, they will definitely benefit from your instruction and partnership. Keep up the great work and thanks again to you and your staff for all that you do!  

Rob Cotton, Father of Reagan Cotton

I wanted to write to you for a few reasons. First of all to thank you for the encouragement you have given my son, Kolbi Shumaker (Boyne City), over the past few years. He truly enjoyed his time at your camps and the time spent in your program. And secondly, to inform you that this is Kolbi's senior year. We have enjoyed watching him grow and mature as a player and you have been an important part of that.

You have a great program going there and I know that Boyne Football will continue to send it's players to the QB Tutor for many more years to come.

Good luck in the future and thank you for offering a wonderful camp to the boys of Northern Michigan.

Cinda Shumaker -- Parent of Kolbi Shumaker


Just a quick note to say my wife Gina and I were very impressed with tonight's camp for our two boys Frank & Nick.

We were impressed with your patience and attention to detail for each of the kids.  We were even more impressed with your words of encouragement to the boys.

I have been a youth football coach for the past 5 years and words of encouragement for young athletes is often an over-site by many coaches.  This was nice to hear this evening!

Both Frank & Nick worked on their technique in the mirror before bed as you suggested and had fun doing so.

Frank Potenza - Father of Nick and Frank Potenza

Coach Popp,

 I wanted to let you know that yesterday Joshua received a letter from the Archdiocese of Detroit and Catholic League saying he has won the Athlete of the Year in the Catholic League. He will receive the award at Comerica Park between the A-B and C-D Baseball Championship games, Wednesday morning, May 26th.

I am writing in part to thank you. I am sure football played a big part in their selection. He had a very good year at QB. So, as I see it, you made a big contribution to this award. I thank the Lord often for the men that he brought into Josh's life that have contributed to whatever success he has experienced in sports. You were a very important coach, mentor for Josh at a key time in his development. You are a fantastic teacher, motivator and coach. You did more for him in terms of skill development than any coach he ever had, in any sport. Without your help, he would not have developed into the QB he turned out to be.

If there is anything Josh or I can do for you before he leaves for West Point June 14th, let us know.

Peter Herbeck - Father of Josh Herbeck


I can't thank you enough for your patience, superb instruction and support where Drake is concerned.  You have become his hero.  I'm sure you know how much all the boys look up to you.  What a great role model you are.  We are so grateful that you and your father have come into our lives.  Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

 (On the way home last night, Drake said, "Mom...thanks so much for taking me tonight."  That's the POPP INFLUENCE!!!  You guys rock!)

Tammy Hewitson - Mother of Drake Luedke

Dear Richard,


THANK YOU!!!   Your wonderful son Frankie worked with my son Clay last night and I have to say, not only did I love him, but most importantly MY SON DID!!   Clay enjoyed the positive attitude your son had and the great nature he has.  He is very excited to be trained by Frankie and listened to everything he said.  Just the short amount of time Frankie spent with Clay last night opened up his eyes to all the things he needs to work on to improve into the QB he would like to be.

I thank you so much!  Thank you again... it was truly a pleasure.


Greta Senerius - Mother of Clay Senerius



I wanted to thank you for working with Nick the last 3 months.   After the last training session Nick was very excited.  During that session his throws were very accurate and his mechanics were much improved.  He figured out during that last session how he held the ball was negatively impacting his throws -the position of his wrist was the issue.  He is throwing the ball so much better now that he understands what he was doing wrong and because of what he was taught during your sessions.  Great work on teaching him /me the QB basics.    

David Sedlock - Father of Nick Sedlock

Coach Popp,

Some of our fondest memories have become our trips together to your clinics, listening to the radio on the way. Thanks for everything you've done, Coach, in building my son's skills and confidence. We couldn't have asked for more.

Don Wageberg - Father of Noah Wagberg

Hi Coach Popp:

Mac and I would like to thank you for the time you dedicated to him this past training session. I thought it built a strong foundation for him last year entering the season and I'm sure it will do the same this upcoming season.

Tom Menard - Father of Mac Menard

Hi Coach,

I just want to thank you for working with Josh and helping him make such a tremendous improvement in his mechanics in such a short amount of time. These improvements will certainly provide a boost to his confidence as well. 


Kevin Hess - Father of Josh Hess

I consider it a great honor to be given the opportunity to speak about Coach Popp and The QB Tutor program. I am writing these words in an attempt to relay the impact that Coach Popp has had not only on my son, but on my organization, The Farmington Rockets, as well.

Both my son and The Farmington Rockets have been attending Coach Popp's QB Tutor program for a little over a year now, and in that year we have seen the benefits of his teachings both on and off the field. Coach Popp possess an innate way of building confidence in his athletes- he creates a bridge between the theory of becoming a football player, the practice it takes to become great, and the expectations of the work you need to get you there. He speaks and coaches children on a level they can understand regardless of their age or their ability. His understanding to teach the child first and then the sport allows for a positive interaction between himself and his athletes. In addition, he allows for an opportunity to achieve any personal and team goals you may have in his training sessions.

Coach Popp's training sessions are designed to create unity amongst players. His staff is personable, creative with their coaching techniques and professional. The QB Tutor program utilizes well structured drills and repetition to develop confidence and strength, and I have yet to witness a moment of down time during a session. I believe The QB Tutor encompasses all that any youth or high school football program would need to enhance any program that may currently be in place.

 As President of The Farmington Rockets I will assure you that if your organization is looking for a teacher of the game of football, The QB Tutor will be most beneficial in instructing and building confidence in your young athletes. As the mother of a student of The QB Tutor I will assure you that if you are looking for an educational leader in athletics, Coach Popp and The QB Tutor will provide you with the experience and compassion your child needs to develop the skills to become the player he strives to be.


Tracy Petersen- President, Farmington Rockets - Mother of Peyton Petersen

Coach Popp,

My son Andrew is a 14 year old young man who has been training with Coach Popp for the past 9 months. Coach Popp is an outstanding technician when it comes to teaching the mechanics of the proper throwing motion and fundamental arm position for a quarterback. Coach Popp has demonstrated the ability to take the most novice to more advanced student and extract their fullest potential by the way he approaches each student during the training session. Coach Popp�s delivery of information has been very beneficial to my son�s development as a young quarterback. My son�s quarterbacking skills have improved immensely over the last several months along with his confidence in his own ability. More importantly, Coach Popp takes a great deal of interest in each of his students. Coach Popp has demonstrated the ability to get the most out of each of his students by instilling a positive environment in which he presents information at the training sessions.

Watching the training session you see what Coach Popp is teaching come full circle. You observe older players, unprompted, helping younger players. You see your son not just learning the proper throwing and footwork techniques but learning to work and help others who have not mastered certain throwing techniques yet.  The element of teamwork is a huge part of coach Popp�s teaching philosophy.

Ed and Jan Toth - Father and Mother of Andrew Toth



Dear Coach Popp,

Thank you for working with Jake this past year.  He has progressed very nicely under your guidance.  I really like the way you teach them the fundamentals of the position.  Your insight has given Jake a big advantage on the field.   His team made the playoffs for the first time as they finished the season at  6-2 with Jake as the starting QB position.  Looking forward to  more Camps by Coach Popp.  Thank you, again.

Craig Petersmark - Father of Jake and Ben Petersmark

Richard Popp provides another path for our boys to consider and follow.  He is dedicated to the sport of football and more importantly to the kind of men these boys will become, no matter what sport they choose to play.  His work with my son has made a significant difference, not only improving his skills as a young quarterback, but also developing a thoughtful, caring person who is considerate of the world around him and how it could be a better place.  That includes his teammates and how each of them is important to the success of the team. 

To play quarterback, a boy must know what it means to be accountable, not only for what goes right on the field but to also take responsibility for what goes wrong.   Too often this type of leadership quality is missed in the coaching process but Coach Popp brings it into everything he does with the boys.  From taking the snap to making the proper hand off up to the correct ball position on a pass.  The players know that this is their responsibility to ensure that it works on the field.

Rich has stressed the importance of parents to all of his athletes and reminds them that without a caring person behind them like their parents they would not have the opportunities that they currently have.  As the boys learn these values and skills they become stronger leaders on and off the field. 

Thanks coach Popp, for everything you do.

John Bonasso - Father of Matthew Bonasso

Coach Popp,

     Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to these young athletes.  My son Alex looks forward every Monday night to work with Coach Popps.  Alex has grown so much in the last few sessions learning the quarterback position.  You can see the concentration on his face as he listens to your every instruction.  Next year he hopes to be the starting quarterback for his team, your great instruction and his hard work will hopefully make this happen.   I cannot thank you and your sons enough for sharing your love and knowledge of the great game of football.  These young men will take these leadership experiences and use them the rest of their lives on and off the field!

Ken Siegfried - Father of Alex Siegfried

Coach Popp has been instrumental in Brady's development as both a QB and a football player. He breaks the mechanics of the position down to a simple, teachable form, and then gradually brings it all together in a way that is easy to understand. Brady has improved tremendously in a short period of time, and religiously looks forward to every training session.   

Joe Jones - Father of Brady Jones

While I believe I have a sound knowledge of QB skills and drills, Coach Popp's sessions really opened my eyes to the breakdown of movement and efficiency of quarterback action.  My football players improved dramatically in one session and we cannot wait until the next one to see how much more we can learn.
     It is one thing to coach football and quite another to teach it.  Coach Popp is a teacher in the truest form (which is as high a compliment as I can give), and his teaching ability empowers our kids to improve and excel.  He is upbeat, professional, and caring in his methodology. Highly recommended for all levels of QB. 

Gary D. Gerson, Head Varsity Football Coach, Physics Teacher, Cranbrook Schools

Dear Coach Popp:

     Thank you so very much for allowing Brennan the wonderful opportunity to take part in your awesome QB training sessions. Brennan
gained a great deal of knowledge & respect for the game of football thanks to you!

Most Sincerely,
Jennifer & Steve Benoit

Finding Coach Popp was a godsend for my son Tyler.  We had sent him to various QB camps all summer.  But, because he is so intent on excelling, we started to think about finding a private coach.  I am still a little shocked about how lucky my son is to be working with Coach Popp.  The way I see it, no one is born to be a QB.  If you want to be a QB, you have to make a huge commitment to learn and train constantly.  Fall practice is not the time to start or end your learning and training.  That is why having a QB tutor is essential for the development of outstanding QBs.


Dan Barron - Father of Tyler Barron

Coach Popp,

I wanted you to know how excited Zak is with your quarterback camp.  He's so pumped!  How you work with the kids is fantastic.  What a difference your correction to his throwing motion has made.  The distance and "zip" on his throws has dramatically improved after just his first day.  We can't wait until next week.



Scott Thompson - Father of Zak Thompson