Popps QB Tutor: Preparing Players for GAME TIME and Leaders for Life!

Performance alleviates all doubt.

What The QB Tutor Will Do For You

1) Instruct those who have the desire to become quarterbacks. 

2) Offer QBs the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to run the offenses of today.

3) Present on site training for QBs in their home towns, where they train, or in their schools.

4) Provide QBs with the knowledge and drills to practice so they can become a skilled quarterback.

Focus of The QB Tutor

Proper Technique:

1) Posture

2) Hands

3) Throwing Motion

4) Feet


1) Knees

2) Back/Hips

3) Elbows

4) Head

Hand Placement:

1) Under center

2) Throwing

3) Handing off/Tossing/Option

Feet  -  Placement/Movement:

1) Under center

2) Throwing/in pocket/on the run

3) Handing off/Tossing/Option

Do things right all the time!!!